Tomorrow night we’re doing a follow-up study for the recent sermon at church – Church Objectives Part 2 (Growing and Maturing Christians). Which to me basically boils down to ‘How to live, and help each other live as true disciples of Jesus’.

We’re watching a really challenging sermon on the topic, Paul Washer’s, titled ‘Are You A True Disciple?’ (http://illbehonest.com/Are-You-A-True-Disciple-Paul-Washer). I think it’s really good, because it goes right back to the foundation of what it means to believe in Christ, to receive him, and to live as his disciple. If you’ve got a spare hour and a quarter, give it a watch through.

It’s a good reminder that Christ is far above anything we can imagine, so many times more glorious and powerful, that everything was made by him, and for him. He rightfully owns everything and everyone. It’s a good reminder that when we receive Christ, and believe in him, we believe in all of that incredible majesty and power and holiness, in every part of our life. He brings our dead spirit to live, and becomes our everything! It’s a good reminder that we know him and learn how to live from his word, and need to allow it to illuminate every corner of our life. Take a look!

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